Greg Vonnahme

Welcome to my website!

My name is Greg Vonnahme and I am an associate professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. My research interests include voting and elections, state politics and policy, and civic engagement.

Ph.D. Rice University (2008)

M.A. Rice University (2004)

B.S. University of Iowa (2002)

Research Interests

My current research project is a book-length project tentatively entitled "Why Codes? Institutional Remedies for Intractable Legal Networks." It explains why states have institutions of statutory revision and codification, and their relationship to state legislatures. Bills are not so much laws themselves, but rather parts of laws that are subsequently integrated into larger code networks which actually form the whole of the law. Even though codes contain most of the statutory laws of the states, there is not much research about them. This project uses a mixed-methods research design, combining qualitative interviews, archival records, and large-n quantitative analyses to examine these important and understudied institutions.

I have also published works on voter turnout, election administration, mail-in voting, voter registration, voter confidence, and campaign finance. I have published articles in the Journal of Politics, Political Behavior, American Politics Research, Social Science Quarterly, Public Choice, and Election Law Journal.